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Slacklining: Verb, The act of having an unbelievable amount of Slackline Express
Slacklining: Verb, The act of having an unbelievable amount of fun walking and doing tricks on a piece of webbing pulled tight between two points, also used as a form of meditation, physical and mental training.

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Zip Slings
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Zip Slings

These 10 foot modified tree slings/rabbit runners that incorporate a heavy duty slide lock to provide adjustable length. If you frequently are setting up on different diameter of trees or anchors these can be a blessing. Toss it around the tree or other sturdy object and pull to the right length. It automatically locks off at just the right length letting you have more time for fun.

These are just far easier to use than the climbing buckle or retying knots. They can be added on to homemade or other vendor's slacklines as well so don't let that keep you from having a new cool feature on your slacklines. If you already have tree slings see the Cam Buckle With Loop cam buckles used are Swedish made and have a tensile strength of 2,200 lbs (not those light duty ones you may see out there).

Sold by the pair, carabiner not included.

Tree sling

Tree sling

You do not need these if you are ordering a Primo or Intro kit. These slings are for upgrading the Classic (formerly deluxe) kits we have sold, or for making your own lines. > All images and content has the rights reserved to Slackline Express LLC.
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