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Slacklining: Verb, The act of having an unbelievable amount of fun walking and doing tricks on a piece of webbing pulled tight between two points, also used as a form of meditation, physical and mental training.

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Year in review

As we wave goodbye to 2005 and say hello to a new year we have decided to take a look at what the past year has brought.

Market growth

Well folks, it's become a lot less of a debate. As of the last half of 2005 the sport of slacklining is going main stream. Each quarter our sales grew tremendously and it hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. We now have thousands of slacklines out there, at least a few in every state and hundreds in various countries across the world. We have slacklines in places like the upper Yukon, Thailand and all the way to military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. More and more non-climbers are joining the sport and they seem to be having a blast.

We also have now increased our staff significantly and we had to hustle like crazy to make hundreds of slacklines to meet the Christmas rush. Trends look good so we're expecting 2006 to be a major year for the sport of slacklining. I expect more slackline competitions, slackline clubs at universities and simply more slackers out there. To sum it all up, we're psyched about how fast the sport is growing and we're looking forward to the new year.

New gear

2005 was a year of polishing up our designs and for fostering a maturity in the sport. We released all sorts of new designs and tweaked existing product lines into a entire new level of performance.

Primo kit released

Our primo slackline kit is our new pride and joy. After continually working on our designs we found a way of eliminating all need for carabiners, knots and any nylon-on-nylon contact. We utilized a new sling design that brought all system weight as close to the line end as possible and even allowed for quick and easy removal of the tensioning system. The tensioning widget* includes a reset-able throw system which can tighten any length of slackline even easier than our previous super tensioning add-on pack. The widget also allows for nearly instant removal of the ratchet allowing for minimal weight in the slackline during use. Not only is it just that slick, once we got the design finalized  we were even able to produce the slackline kit for far less than we originally planned. We utilized the same designed slings on our Intro kit and upgraded our 100 foot slackline kit to a 100 foot primo kit.


While we always knew it was important to pad our slacklines, we never were convinced we had found the perfect solution for padding. While nothing in lift is perfect we improved the process greatly when we began using segments of 2" tubular webbing to create a heavy duty sheath around the anchoring webbing to increase the abrasion resistance of the kit and to help protect trees from being damaged. Refer to our online community for a more in depth discussion on padding slacklines.


For those looking to build their own custom slacklines we've been supplying those hard to find components. We've improved our array of hardware a bit, added a few new sewn items as well. We also added a few highline specific items to our product line up too. Without saying too much, we do have some major plans for new items in this area.

Web site changes

Thanks to upgrades in our web hosting plan we were finally able to bring back our Slackline Community. While it is still rather fledgling, we hope that it will allow us to foster an even higher level of information interchange among the slackline community.

Looking back

This year we had a blast road tripping cross country (a shout out to Laguna!), made a lot of friends, spread the sport as best we could, made a lot of people happy and even learned a lot. I know all of us here at Slackline Express wouldn't have traded this last year for anything. We can only hope to continue to be as successful at serving our customers and furthering the sport we love so much.


Joe Kuster (Slackline Joe)

Cheesy Slackline Stick Figure

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