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How to Tie Dye a Slackline

This suggestion was sent to us by Jess Bauer and it was so cool we had to share.

So I just finished dying my slackline and it actually turned out ok.  Here are the steps that I used.
First I spiraled the entire into a circle and put rubber bands around it.Spiraled Slackline

Second I soaked the line in soda ash and water, they applied the dye in pie sections making sure that I got dye in between each little spot, make sure you get dye on everything.

Dying the Slackline
Third I let the dye sit for 2 days and then I wetted it down and hung it outside to dry.Drying The Line
The dye came out a little bit but the entire line is stilled covered in dye.  I haven't set it up yet to see if the strength is still the same but I'm sure that the dye wont effect it that much. 

 finished product

Feel free to post the steps and the pictures.  I used dharma dye when dying the line, this is type of dye is a little more expensive that others, but it does a better job. 
Jess Bauer

Child walking a slackline

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