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Slacklines in the news / media

The sport has made it into local newspapers and TV stations across the United States a few other countries. We will add more of these as we receive them. Submit your clips at

Why don't we have complete articles posted? Here's the scoop, we have tons of things to post here but the problem is copyright law forbids from hosting copies most news articles. We will gladly post links to freely available sites where slacklines are mentioned in the media however we can only mention the brief details of non-online submissions unless we obtain the provider's consent.

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Climbing: Training for Peak Performance (2nd edition)

Using a slackline to enhance climbing performance. Features our Primo 50 Slackline Kit.

By Clyde Soles


 Daily Camera - Boulder, CO - Jan 26, 2008

Slacklining moves off the rocks and into the mainstream

Joe Kuster, president of Slackline Express in Lousiville, balances on a slackline setup between two trees on the University of Colorado campus.

Featuring Joe Kuster and Jon McNally
By Aimee Heckle


Japanese National TV

Andy Lewis Feature 

Backflip Line to Line

A crazy back flip line to line and feature on a Japanese game show. The show seems like a "believe it or not" type of thing.

Featuring: Andy Lewis


Minnesota Star Tribune - Sept 12 2007

Ultrafit: One with the webbing

Gear Junkie Slackline Feature

Featuring Joe Kuster, Ric Phiegh, Sam Salwei, Kathryn Joyce, Ryan Olson
By Stephen Regenold - The Gear Junkie

Men's Journal - Oct 2007

Interview with Joe Kuster


Oklahoma Magazine 2007

Interview with Joe Kuster


Oct 11, 2007 Go Magazine

Interview & Photos with Joe Kuster & Patricia Krus


Channel 33 News - Springfield, MO
Sept 21, 2006 10pm news & Sept 22 5am news
Featured: Joe Kuster & Patty Krus


Our mention in the New York Times!

Above the Lawn, Walking the Line

Sept 8, 2006


Washington Post

Everything out there


Oct 7, 2006 - The Today Show on NBC

Several Slackers including Scott Balcom were briefly shown demonstrating the sport on the Today Show.


Picture This article from Knoxnews
Picture This

Michael McDougall

Mike McDougall's story in his own words. Photos, text and sound.


Slacking on
The Slackline Wizard

James Wyland

James Wyland, caught on digital video by the intrepid TV crew.


Slackline news story in German

An interesting Slackline news story from a German news station. You don't need to speak the language to enjoy the movie. You need Real Player to view the file.


Vox Magazine
Cutting some slack

Slackline walking

Andy Anderson interviews some slackers (including Joe Kuster) to figure out what slacking is and what it's about. “The great thing about it is that it can be an intense but slow conversation with fear and the subconscious reactions your body has. It creates a conflict within your body and the sport is about overcoming that.”


Congratulations go out to Jack Olsen for making it on the front page. Front Page of LaCrosse Tribune, 8-6-2004
Original article

Larger version with clearer photo (edited for clarity)

Slackline Article

The small blurry caption reads “University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student Jack Olsen leaps into the air while walking across a slack line in Riverside Park.  A slack line is a strand of tubular webbing, used for climbing, tied between two trees and walked across like a tight rope.”


Finally, a decent newspaper article on what slacking is about and how it works more than just a "gee wiz check out this kid."

Western Front Online Slackline Feature

Western Students Find Balance in the Sky

Sure, lots of people have their photos taken for newspapers, but how many have their likeness put into the political cartoons section? Featuring Joe Kuster's likeness on a cartoonist's rant on other people playing in the quad on SMSU Campus.

Southwest Missouri State Standard - 4/04

(click on image to enlarge)
Slackers on campus

References (sorry no scans or links due to copy right stuff):

  • LA Times November 27 1997 Front page
  • Moscow Idahonian Front page 1985


Child walking a slackline

"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews