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Slacklining: Verb, The act of having an unbelievable amount of fun walking and doing tricks on a piece of webbing pulled tight between two points, also used as a form of meditation, physical and mental training.

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Web Site Security

Slackline Express takes your web security very seriously and has taken many steps to ensure the privacy and security of our customers. We use a 256 bit encryption on all sensitive information and use SSL certificates provided by one of the largest providers of Secured Socket Layer certificates. We outsource our web hosting to the professionals at Lunar Pages. They host our site on a highly maintained Linux server with regular patches and security software that helps catch any would-be hackers or identity thieves.

Can't Find the Padlock?

Occasionally we get an email saying our site isn't secure because the customer doesn't see the Pad Lock on the site. In every case this has been due to the recent changes in IE7. Internet Explorer 7.0 released a lot of security changes in their web browsers and one of those changes was to move where the padlock is located. It has been moved from the bottom of the page to the web address bar. Refer to the image below for an example.

IE 7 Padlock Location

Mac web browser warnings

It has come to our attention that certain web browsers (primarily those being used on a Mac or those using Norton Security Suite) are issuing security alerts when trying to purchase from our web site. Supposably the issue is to be fixed in the next version of these products.

It appears the issue is that Safari lacks the root certificate for GoDaddy so it is not in their "safe" list, despite the fact GoDaddy is the 3rd largest provider of SSL certificates out there.

Rest assured that your personal information is protected very well despite these warnings. With the gateway system we use not even our own employees can look up your credit card information.

If you wish to check our verification through independent sources here is how to do it:

Steps to verify your connection is secure

Also, check for the following logos in our online catalog. Click on them for more details on our web site's security and to check our certificates and credit card processing security.

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