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The Primo 50 Slackline Kit

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Patty on a Primo The Primo 50 is the best selling slackline kit out there and for good reason! This kit is beginner friendly but fully capable at satisfying the experienced slacker.

Check out this kit's mention in the New York Times!

This slackline handles any size of line, from super short 10 foot lines up to a full 50 foot length. This slackline can set any tension, from long and super tight, or short and loose and you can set it quickly and easily solo. This slackline is incredibly easy to use, but don't just trust our word for it see our Customer Gear Reviews. Bottom line: our Primo Slackline is easy to use even if this is your first slackline and is a great step beyond other slacklines.

This system includes everything you need to set up the slackline, including detailed instructions. Just find suitable trees or anchors and you are good to go.

What is so nice about it? It is incredibly simple to use but very powerful. Offers features you won't find anywhere else and it also has more mechanical advantage than any other slackline on the market.

This kit eliminates all s-clips and carabiners, but thanks to some ingenious design still avoids nylon on nylon wear/melting issues so it is still very durable. The sling design is extremely stable and move the pivot points even closer to the anchors. The ratchet is mounted on the sling itself which moves the weight even closer to the anchors making its weight almost undetectable on almost all lines, not only that, but it reduces time needed to set up the system significantly. The main line is permanently attached to the anchor sling which again avoids weight of connectors and reduces set up time even further.

Need help choosing between the Classic 50 and a Primo 50?

Setup is simple: Just wrap the slings around the trees, thread and tension the line with the ratchet - poof, instant slackline. No fussing with knots, complex directions, expensive extra equipment or needing extra people to pull. Check our our Primo 50 Setup Video for proof.

Joe Surfing a PrimoThis kit also comes standard with a new generation of our cam buckle tensioning system add-on (we call it the tensioning widget system) to boost the length of line it can handle as well as allowing the ratchet to be removed from the main line during use if you wish.

Rest assured we kept all of the favorite features including: no knots, no complex rigging knowledge or skills required, no cumbersome lock off steps, quality industrial sewing, no fray ends, tubular nylon webbing, totally adjustable line length (you can set any size up to 50 feet with no problem) and all mils-spec 4,000 lb test or greater 1 inch webbing.

This kit's advanced capabilities include removing the tensioning system from the main line while slackline. You heard that right, you can actually remove the ratchet from the main line, but keep the tension on the system - without any "soft point" magic or complicated tricks and use the slackline without any extra weight interfering with your line. The system only leaves 2 light-yet-strong slide locks on the main line meaning only mere ounces of metal stay on the line, and they stay right near the end of the line to minimize vibrations; meaning it's almost absolutely certain you'll not be able to tell they are there at all.


Ultra Duty Padding (Additional Option)

PaddingHeavy duty tubular 2" webbing wrapped around the 1" web for the tree slings makes great padding. We cut it into several small sections and slide onto your tree slings and sew them into the assembly to protect the stitching and sling webbing. They have the advantage of either taking off or adding more for adjustability of anchor size, always stay put, or you can even leave extras on and just scrunch them so it will always fit perfectly. Padding the sides of the tree towards the front is usually all that is required since that is where the pivoting occurs. These are a fantastic add-on and will increase the longevity of the system by a good deal and will significantly reduce wear on the trees. Simply put, these work far better at padding slacklines than many of the traditional bulky methods such as foam padding or old blankets; it is very durable, very effective and compact and easily adjustable for various anchor sizes.

tree with padding installed

Main Line Color Selection (Additional Option)

For a bit extra we will swap out the colors in our machines to give you a custom color pick.



Embroidered Webbing Patch

Emboirdered Webbing PatchTruly customize your slackline with a embroidered patch with your name or slogan.





Primo 50 Kit

The system includes:
50 foot of walkable main line
(2) 10 foot fully adjustable tree slings
Tensioning system
Tensioning system extras that increase the length and tightness of line that can be set.
(optional extras) Tree Padding, Main Line Color Choice
System strength is rated at 2,200 lbs.

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Very important information:
International addresses can ask for postal shipping instead of UPS for a reduced shipping rate.
Each slackline is made after your order clears, so it may not leave us for 1-2 business days or more during seasonal demand. Upgraded shipping just upgrades time in transit and not speed up production, contact us if you need it be a specific date.

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This kit is not for highline usage, it would require a completely separate and redundant safety system. Before purchasing make sure you read and fully understand the Safety Information. If you purchase our kit, you're bound to that agreement.



Child walking a slackline

"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews