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Primitive 80 Slackline Kit

The Primitive 80 Slackline Kit
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This is a traditional light weight rig. You'll probably need help pulling it tight but it is very compact. We'll even sew the loop on the main line to remove knots.

Want an easy to use system right out of the box? Need to set up the line solo? Our Primo 50 may be a better option.


The Good

  • It can set up any length of line, from a 10 foot super short line to a full 50 feet.

  • All webbing is mil-spec tubular nylon webbing (4000 lb tensile strength or greater)

  • We offer some nifty Pull loops, excellent slings such as the Zip or Primo and tensioning system extras such as the Super Tensioning Add-on

The not so good

  • Limited mechanical advantage

  • You will need to cut off part of the line (about 10 feet) to make your anchor sling

  • You will need to tie knots such as a Clove Hitch in the main line and a bowline or overhand on a bight for the tree sling

  • You may need two or three people pulling to tension the line

  • Not simple to use. Requires knowing knots and an understanding how to rig a block in tackle using webbing and carabiners

  • Frequently has half twists from knots

Note: color depends on what we have in stock.

Movie - The Typical Primitive Experience - Medium Quality (18mb)

Movie - The Typical Primitive Experience - High Quality (87mb)

This is not a highline kit, while it is a very strong kit it is not approved for such use. Before purchasing make sure you read and fully understand the Safety Information. If you purchase our kit, you're bound to that agreement.

Buy a Primo 50 Kit 

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Very important information:
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Each slackline is made after your order clears, so it may not leave us for 1-2 business days or more during seasonal demand. Upgraded shipping just upgrades time in transit and not speed up production, contact us if you need it be a specific date.

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"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews