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While you are killing time waiting for us to get our new look rolled out, perhaps you'd enjoy checking out the new Slackline Express Blog.

We are currently working very hard on releasing a new instructional DVD and creating free videos to go along with each of our slackline kits.

If you are into the YouTube thing we're publishing all of our videos there as well. Simply search for Slackline Express.


Use the links below to access some of our slackline movies. Submit your own movies to us by contacting


Setup Instructions


Product Testing


  • Keeper Strap Flip A quick video showing how to fix a potential issue when a Primo Sling flips either a mainline or a tensioning widget off the load bearing black pad and onto the keeper strap.
Child walking a slackline


"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews