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Slackline Kits


  Solo Setup? Mechanical Advantage Weight Max Length Awards Won
Intro 30 Yes 6:1 4 lbs 30 ft Gear Gear 2008
Primo 50 Yes 13:1 6lbs 50 ft Best Gear 2008
Primo 100 Yes 13:1 9lbs 100 ft -
Classic 50 Yes 13:1 6.5lbs 50 ft*** -
Primitive Basic Yes* 3:1** 4lbs 50 ft**** -
Primitive Plus Yes* 4:1** 5lbs 70 ft**** -

*Depends on length and personal strength, you'll probably need help after 20 to 25 feet.
**Depends on rigging method used.
***Super Tensioning Add-on Pack may be necessary to set desired tension.
****Mainline length varies depending on tree circumference.

Looking to get into the sport but don't want to spend a lot of money?

Check out our beginner friendly Intro Slackline kit. It comes with the basics for a 30 foot slackline and includes a dual tensioning system to make it incredibly simple to setup and take down. It's small and lightweight; great for times when space and weight matter, but you still want easy setup.

Know your going to be addicted?

Lets face it, slacklining is highly addictive and sometimes buying better gear the first time just makes sense. For those of you who already know you want quality gear for not a lot of money our Classic Slackline kit should be a perfect fit for the backyard slacker. It includes everything for a high quality 50 foot slackline including the tree slings and super duty tensioning system. Want to bump it up a notch and have even more features standard? Check out our new Primo 50 foot kit it offers everything our classic does and might even be cheaper depending on the options you want.  

Wanting to go big time?

Check out our 100 foot slackline kit. You can set it solo and it is easy to use. It includes all the cool extras. What more can you ask for?

Want a light weight do-it-yourself rig?

Check out our Primitive DIY kit.

Want to hear what others have said?

See our Gear Reviews page for some of the feedback we have received.

Child walking a slackline

"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews