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Intro 30 Slackline Kit

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Our easy and affordable solution for the beginner

Slacklining is a dynamic balance sport that puts a new twist into tight rope walking. It's easy to setup nearly anywhere and is incredibly addictive. It's absolutely great for working on balance and body positioning - which directly helps with rock climbing and other sports.

Note: This is a great beginners set; it's cheap and easy to use but if you get hooked you may want a longer line with more capabilities, such as our Primo 50 kit.

Patty Waling a Slackline in MauiOh the simplicity. Taking ease of use and learning beyond any other kit on the market our Intro Kit offers out of the box to set up in a mere two minutes or less; once you read the full color instructions of course!

This kit features the same slings from our highly reviewed Primo slackline that does two critical things, it automatically locks off with no knots or carabiners and it keeps the tensioning system mere inches from the tree making for nearly zero line interference (translation: it feels good).

What comes with it?

  • A full walkable 30 foot main line - suitable for any length from 5 feet to 30 feet long. The perfect distance for learning.
  • Two no-twist robust and auto locking tree slings - attach to trees up to 10 feet around
  • One 3,300 lb test ratchet for tensioning the line
  • Full color instructions & tips on getting stated

Cool specs:

  • No clipping, no knots to tie and no other assembly BS.
  • Plenty of mechanical advantage to get the line very tight (6:1 MA)
  • It lays 100% flat under use, no flopping and no twisting.
  • Super-duty strength - 10 beefy professionally sewn bar tacks at all load bearing points.
  • Made out of Military-Spec tubular 1" nylon webbing and fully rated industrial hardware.
  • Optional padding pack that protects your tree's bark and your tree slings from abrasion.
  • Nearly no weight on the main line meaning you can't feel the tensioning system at all.
  • Complete system rated at 2,200 lb test

Set Up - Amazingly simple & quick

Simply run the slings around the tree and thread them in to the auto-locking cam buckles, pull the slack out of the system by hand and use the ratchet to apply the tension. That's it!

Taking it down - Just a snap

Release the tension on the ratchet and release the tree slings and pack it up.

Before purchasing make sure you read the Safety Information. If you purchase our kit, you're bound to that agreement.


Ultra Duty Padding (Additional Option)
paddingHeavy duty tubular 2" webbing wrapped around the 1" web for the tree slings makes great padding. We cut it into several small sections and slide onto your tree slings and sew them into the assembly to protect the stitching and sling webbing. They have the advantage of either taking off or adding more for adjustability of anchor size, always stay put, or you can even leave extras on and just scrunch them so it will always fit perfectly. Padding the sides of the tree towards the front is usually all that is required since that is where the pivoting occurs. These are a fantastic add-on and will increase the longevity of the system by a good deal and will significantly reduce wear on the trees. Simply put, these work far better at padding slacklines than many of the traditional bulky methods such as foam padding or old blankets; it is very durable, very effective and compact and easily adjustable for various anchor sizes.
Slackline Padding Pack


The system includes:
30 foot of walkable main line
(2) 10 foot fully adjustable tree slings
Tensioning system
(optional extras) Tree Padding
System strength is rated at 2,200 lbs.

Intro Slackline Kit

Buy a Primo 50 Kit

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Child walking a slackline

"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews