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Slacklining: Verb, The act of having an unbelievable amount of fun walking and doing tricks on a piece of webbing pulled tight between two points, also used as a form of meditation, physical and mental training.

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International Shipping

Postal shipping will save you money!

We gladly ship worldwide.

For most countries the new US Postal Flat Rate box is the best option. Anything we can put into a 11"X8"X6" box under 20 lbs will be delivered for around $40 (USD). This is not an option to all countries. If you are ordering bulkier items the large flat rate option may be necessary which runs $50 (USD). Use the US Postal Shipping Calculator if you are unsure if these options apply to your country. For all other countries we are happy to issue shipping quotes specific to your order.

What to send to us for a shipping quote:

  • Country

  • Exactly what item(s) and any options you would like

We will send back a quote on the shipping amount and information on how to proceed.

How long until it arrives?

Due to the inaccuracy of delivery times in postal shipping and international shipments in general we cannot promise specific delivery dates. It will usually leave us within a business day or two but customs seems almost random at how long they hold over packages. We will give you an estimate but realize that this is a best guess. It is very important that you order very, very early during holidays. It can sometimes take a month to arrive to some countries during major holidays.

What about US Territories & non-lower 48 states?

For Hawaii, Alaska, US territories and US APOs such as military bases on international soils get have the option to use the USPS flat box priority box. All flat rate postal packages ship insured and are significantly cheaper than UPS rates.

What express options are available?

We'll ship most any method however we prefer to ship via UPS or via the Postal System. If you would like to request another method please contact us. 

If you need a tracking number or a guaranteed delivery date it must go through UPS. This will be expensive for international orders, but it's the only option for a tracking number and express shipping. Despite what advertising campaigns will tell you, UPS and FedEx charges are normally almost identical, however due to our volume of shipping UPS gives us a steeper discount.

We have a daily pickup on Monday through Friday and we offer any express shipment type offered by UPS. No express shipments will go out on weekends. It is important to note that we make each slackline kit custom made to order so just because you pick an accelerated shipping method, that only means it will spend less time in transit, not that it will take 3, 2 or 1 day to get to you totoal.

For instance, if you pick 3rd day delivery, it may take us two business days to complete your line and get it on the way. You will still receive it sooner than otherwise, but expedited shipping does not speed up our production. For delivery by a specific date you must contact us to ensure we can have the package shipped by the necessary date.

NOTE: All express shipping options are express in business days - UPS will not deliver packages on Sunday and will only deliver on Saturday for an extra amount and only when using UPS Air shipments. You must let us know if you wish Saturday delivery. All images and content has the rights reserved to Slackline Express LLC.
If you want to use our images, photos or text, please ask us first. If your lucky we might send you the hi-res original versions.