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Slackline Gift Guide

Slackline kits make it on a lot of wish lists for the holidays & birthdays. This year we expect to be playing the part in thousands of holiday smiles. If you are on this page, your probably trying to be a really great gift giver by giving someone something that they'll really love and cherish or your looking for a great gift for yourself.

If you are a parent and want to know more about it first before letting them get into this "slacking" thing visit our Parent & Gift Buyers Guide to Slacklines.

Picking out a slackline (the short list)

#1 Recommended kit: The Primo Slackline Kit

The awesome Primo 50 Slackline Kit

The primo fits nearly everyone's needs. It's very simple to use and includes every option you might need later on. It has a long enough line that provides plenty of room to grow and has the easiest to use tensioning system out there. Setup takes a minute or two and it is very portable. We highly recommend purchasing the padding upgrade to protect your trees and protect the life of the webbing.

#2 Recommended Kit: The Intro Slackline Kit

The Nifty Intro 30 Slackline Kit

The Intro kit is a great way of exposing someone to the sport. It is very affordable and easy to use. It is very easy to set up and is very compact. It doesn't offer as much room to grow or as many options as the Primo, but it still performs like a very high end system and is addictively fun. We highly recommend purchasing the padding upgrade to protect your trees and protect the life of the webbing.

Visit our Choosing a Slackline for a more in depth analysis of the differences of all options we offer.

Other gift ideas

If you have a bit more budget to spend, the optional padding for the slacklines is a great investment and is highly recommended. You could also pick them up a webbing belt or Professional Slacker T-Shirt.

Patty Sporting a Professional Slacker T-shirt


How soon will we ship it?

Avoiding being disappointed by ordering early! Holidays are very hard for us to guarantee a delivery date because everyone else waited until the same day you did to order.

Most kits are "made-to-order" meaning we do not start sewing it until we know what you ordered. This allows us to make custom colors and options, but also means we need a little extra time to make it and get it shipped. Choosing custom colors or ordering a Classic slackline will usually ship slightly slower than a first available Intro or Primo slackline. Adding padding to an order will not slow it down.

If you are a last minute shopper during a major holiday your order may take up to 4 to 5 days to be shipped and you may need to pay for express shipping to ensure it arrives in time.

How long will shipping it take?

We offer express shipping options through UPS and the postal system. If you are unsure which speed to use, contact us.

Shipping time quotes do not include our time to make the product and get it shipped, nor do they include weekends or observed holidays in their calculations.

For Alaska, Hawaii and International shipments: the postal system methods are significantly cheaper but are often terribly behind schedule during the holidays. Last year we had some packages take a month to arrive, because of this we cannot promise any delivery dates using this service. No packages will be delivered on observed Holidays.

For UPS shipments: UPS shipping time quotes do not include weekends and holidays in their calculations. For instance a 3 day package shipped on Friday will not be moved on Saturday or Sunday so will not arrive until Wednesday. Only certain express air packages such as next day air will be delivered on Saturday. No packages will be delivered on observed Holidays. Also, UPS ground packages are not guaranteed on time during the holidays, if you need a promised delivery date use 3rd day or faster.

Discreet shipping

To keep your package from prying eyes just let us know in your order comments and we'll make sure the package arrives with no indication of the contents or the company it is from.


For faster response and better accuracy we strongly recommend using our Online Product Catalog to order. It is possible to use Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, PayPal, checks and money orders in our Online Product Catalog system's checkout. Refer to the Contact Us page if you would prefer call or fax in your order.

Holiday Days

Slackline Express observes most American holidays to allow us to be with our family & friends. No orders will be made or shipped during those days and we will respond to customer support emails and phone calls as soon as we are back.


Child walking a slackline

"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews