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Gear Guide

Whether you are new to the sport, or a seasoned slacker we will probably have something in stock that you want to get the most out to the sport.

Are you a parent looking to get a slackline for their child? Are you giving a slackline as a gift? Check out the Parents and Gift Giver's guide to Slacklines.
Still need more help deciding? Check out Choosing a Slackline.

Slackline kits

Our #1 recommendation is our 50 foot primo slackline kit - it fits most peoples needs perfectly without being expensive. For occasional use for beginners the Intro may be exactly what you need. 

Top of the line Modular Design Beginners Ultra-compact & light
Primo 100 Primo 50 Classic 50 Intro 30 Primitive 80
Primo 50 Kit Classic Slackline Intro Slackline Kit Primitive 

When setting up a slackline, it is always about using brains over brawn to give you the mechanical advantage you need. We now stock a variety of affordable pre-made slackline kits that feature a lot of really nice features that make them easy to use and perform like a dream. Our pre-made kits get rave reviews, so make sure you check them out. 

See our Product Guide for a complete product listing.

"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews