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The Classic 50 Slackline Kit

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Think Modular. Want a really tight full 50 foot line? Easy with the super-tight add-on. Want to save cash by opting to have tied slings instead of sewn? We can do that too.

For all the cool goodies you want and none of the cost for parts you don't need. This kit is best if you want an easy to use line and know what trade-offs you can make to save a few bucks. We usually don't recommend it for someone who doesn't already know their expected uses but for those who do this modular kit can be just what the doctor ordered for those who do. No hassling with cumbersome setups when you should be having fun. This kit is a very flexible setup, from super low tight lines, to a longer or looser line. This kit dishes out a whopping 13:1 mechanical advantage making asking a couple buddies to help pull those primitive carabiner lines a thing of the past. You get the freedom of being able to set a full length line by yourself or set it as short as you want without tying knots in your main line. It is incredibly easy to setup and costs about the same or less than making your own dedicated primitive setup. If you just want to have fun without the equipment getting in the way then this might be the kit for you.

Want everything you might need in a box? Our Primo 50 may be a better option. Need help choosing between an Classic and a Primo?

Slacklinging in Haiwii

  • Huge mechanical advantage

  • This kit is specifically made for one person operation.

  • No more needing two or three people pulling to tension the line

  • It can set up any length of line, from a 10 foot super short line to a full 50 feet.

  • All webbing is mil-spec tubular nylon webbing (4000 lb tensile strength or greater)

  • Very Quick setup and disassembly

  • All cut webbing has heated no-fray ends with industrial strength sewing

  • Simple to use. No knots or complicated procedures to worry about.

  • With very little practice from in your bag to setup by yourself takes only a couple minutes!

  • It lies perfectly flat, no half twists from knots or tensioning systems.

  • Tons of options for a made to order slackline - extras no one else offers

Classic 50 Slackline Kit

Note: color depends on what we have in stock.

Kit includes:
10,000 lb test tightening system
50' 4,000 lb test 1" webbing main line with sewn loop
(2) Tree slings (rabbit runners)
(2) heavy duty anchor hooks (carabiners)
Full color setup instructions, getting started tips & tricks.

You don't need any other hardware to set up a nice, tight and flat slackline; everything you need except the trees are supplied. 

For the backyard slacker, this kit can do everything the the other complex and expensive systems do, tighten your webbing to whatever tightness you want with lots of excess capacity. Our kits were designed 100% for the solo backyard slacker on a budget and can be set up with one person easily and are very beginner friendly. It's a completely non-cumbersome design, no complex knots or techniques, just attach, thread and tighten.

This is not a highline kit, while it is a very strong kit it is not approved for such use. Before purchasing make sure you read and fully understand the Safety Information. If you purchase our kit, you're bound to that agreement.

Purchase this item

Very important information:
International addresses can ask for postal shipping instead of UPS for a reduced shipping rate.
Each slackline is made after your order clears, so it may not leave us for 1-2 business days or more during seasonal demand. Upgraded shipping just upgrades time in transit and not speed up production, contact us if you need it be a specific date.

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Classic kit upgrades/options

Downgrade Option   Spiffy Upgrades Details
You supply two carabiners to be dedicated to the kit. Retired climbing gear works fine for this assuming it is in good condition. OR Carabiner
Climbing grade carabiners
Unless you have old gear to spare you'll need these. Either we'll supply the nice shiny climbing rated carabiners (usually Trango or Ace), or you provide two of your own.
You supply some type of padding between the webbing and your trees to prevent damaging the bark or webbing. Carpet remnants or reinforced cardboard can work. OR padding
Ultra duty tree padding
Your pick if you want to make something of your own at home out of carpet, an old t-shirt or cardboard or get these compact highly durable pads that won't slip off the webbing under use.
Non-adjustable fixed length tree slings, just wrap them around the tree an extra time if too long. OR Super Tensioning System
Zip slings
Recommended upgrade
We highly recommend you get the zip slings. It's so much easier to lock off the slings at the right length. Our zip slings use a heavy duty slide lock that attach to the end of the tree slings to allow very fast adjustment. These babies rock for quick and easy adjustments. See Zip Sling Details for more information.
Tied End
Tied ends - cheaper but slightly weaker
OR Sewn End
Sewn ends - Stronger and better looking
Do you want sewn or tied sling ends (bowline)? Sewn is nicer in the long run, however since we utilize a double sling system the either way will lie perfectly flat and put no twist at all in the line. Both are compatible with the zip sling upgrade.
6 foot slings - typical park trees OR 10 foot slings - for big oaks and such Only you know if you'll need this upgrade. 6 footers are usually enough but if your using trees you can't hug around get the longer slings.
Occasionally reset the bite on the kit to allow for system stretch on lines over 40 feet. OR
super tensioning addon
Slide lock Tensioning system
(Recommended upgrade)
You probably want this one. This allows the ratchet to never run out of space on it's spool and most importantly lets you set insanely tight lines. If you like tight lines or lines over 40 feet this will keep you happy.



Child walking a slackline

"This hobby is one of the most awesome things I've ever done. Your kit made set up so easy." - Heather M. More Gear Reviews